Wednesday, 6 February 2013


So after a few days off due to family bereavement I started work on my YCN brief. My first ideas whilst going through the brief I felt were rather good so I decided to work on them in digital form. 

This is the first version I came up with that I feel would work well on the Feel Good Kids drinks. 

Apple and Raspberry still flavour drink

Cloudy Lemonade still flavour drink

Cranberry and Raspberry flavour still drink

Orange and Mango flavour still drink

After asking a fellow class mate about these he said I will need to play about with the legibility on some as some of the characters of the words aren't readable. 

I am going to work on this over the next few weeks and update on what progress I have made. 

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Freelance development

Company - Aspire Gymnastics Club Hull Limited 
Requirements - A logo to go onto t-shirts, website, building, tracksuits and posters/flyers.  

First attempt

This first attempt was to incorporate this silhouette into the word Aspire. I was looking for something that was simple, self explanatory and not too cluttered. 
Font used - Eurofurence light 

Second Attempt 

This second attempt was to do the same as attempt one but with a different font. 
Font used - Gabriola

These are just first attempts with some development. I am going to look back on these in a few days and see if I have any fresh ideas or edits that I wish to do to these. 

Ta Taa for now, Kelly 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Re-edited Video Sting

I have just re-edited my second video sting as I wasn't happy with the outcome of the first cut. 

Here is the new cut

If you liked the video I would really appreciate a like on YouTube or a tweet at @K_J_Design

Every little helps

So I helped my housemate Charlotte out tonight with her second video sting for university. 
It was good, rather cold given the time of year but I enjoyed working on someone else's piece and it was a good chance to use my new tripod. 

We took some stills for her research and one of them I was particularly happy with decided to edit to see what could come of it. 



Sunday, 30 December 2012

Had ourselves a merry little Christmas

Been a while since I blogged but what better time than over this festive time of the year. I have been back to my home time over Christmas and snapped some lovely photos :) 

Jingle Bells

Festive love 

Christmas friend

Angels at night 

Christmas, handle with care 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day by post!

So our last brief from Alan was to design a word (either a day, month or season) 
I choose to do Monday and base it around what I do on a Monday, I have photography on Mondays so I thought this would work as a good basis. 
Looking at the word as a visual the 'O' stood out most and I wanted to use this to my advantage. 
I started thinking about what I could use the 'O' for on a visual basis and based on photography. 
My concept was to create a view finder out of the 'O' so I set about doing this. 

This is the file from the computer which I printed out onto 140 gsm card and then used a scalpel to cut out the middle of the 'O' to create the view finder I cut out a large piece of acetate which I spray mounted to the back of the printed piece. I then cut out another piece of card the same size as the postcard from and cut out the same hole where the 'O' was. Then I spray mounted this piece to the back of the card and acetate. 

This is how the piece looked when it was finished.

 I am happy with how it looks and I posted the piece to my tutor Alan on Monday 3rd December. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Vintage takes on modern

Photography - on location - group work

Attendees - Charlotte, Kelly W, Toni and Me. 

Charlotte - Lighting
Kelly W - Costumes and accessories 
Toni - Equipment  
Me - Location and permissions

There are more photos to come they just need compressing as they are rather large! 

Thanks to